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The Zipcar Community’s Six Simple Rules

At Zipcar we have ‘Six Simple Rules’ that we want our members to follow. These are in place to ensure that everything runs the way it should. We’re looking for like-minded individuals who are willing to follow these rules from day one. If every member follows these simple rules it will guarantee a fair and enjoyable member experience. Welcome to our community!

1. Report Damage (and inspect the Zipcar)

Before you drive away, inspect your Zipcar inside and out. While we expect the previous member to leave the vehicle in a good condition, it is important to report any issues at the beginning of your reservation. You can look in the damage log to see if something has already been reported. If it has, don’t worry, you don’t need to report it again. To report any damage, a dirty vehicle or low fuel, call 0333 240 9000.

Please remember that Zipcar is a car sharing club and all of our members should leave the vehicles in a suitable condition.

2. Keep it Clean

When your reservation has ended, make sure you take all personal belongings with you and have disposed of any rubbish. The vehicle should be left in a condition you would wish to find it in.

We do have fines in place for members who leave vehicles in an unsuitable condition, so please bear this in mind.

3. No Smoking

Please do not smoke in any of our vehicles, not even with the windows or doors open. Smoking damages the vehicles and can have an impact on the health of other members.

We take this seriously and for any member found to be smoking in the vehicle, we will charge them for the cost of cleaning the vehicle to make it completely smoke-free.

4. Fill ‘er Up

Always make sure that the vehicle is left with at least ¼ tank. Members should use the fuel card inside the vehicle to pay for fuel. Members are responsible for filling up the vehicle. Watch the video here.  

5. Return on Time

The key to car sharing success is returning on time. Late members can end up impacting others who have a reservation right after. To avoid returning late, always book the vehicle for the time you need and extend if you know you won’t be back on time. If this is the case, then just give us a call or a text to see if the reservation can be extended.  

Zipcar takes late returns seriously and we will charge a late return fee if you’re not back in time. We rely on our members to keep the community running on time.

6. Pets in Carriers

Pets can only travel in a Zipcar if they are kept in a locked carrier (no matter how cute they are). Service and assistance animals used by disabled members or passengers are an exception. These animals are allowed in the vehicle without a pet carrier.

Please bear in mind that we are a car sharing club and some members may have a pet hair allergy. If you do bring your pet along for the ride please check for any pet hair at the end of the reservation and clean it up.

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