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Zipcar's Rules of the Road

We only have a few rules here at Zipcar, but they are important to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone. Please read up on the rules of Car Sharing below before you hit the road.

1. Report Damage (and other issues)

Before you drive away, inspect your Zipcar inside and out. While we expect the previous member to leave the vehicle in a good condition, it is important to report any issues at the beginning of your reservation, so we know it wasn’t you. Check the damage log book to see if the issue has already been reported. If it has, don’t worry, you don’t need to report it again.

To report any damage, a dirty vehicle or low fuel, call 0333 240 9000.

Click here to see how you can report damage.

2. Keep it Clean (and no smoking!)

It’s essential you keep the vehicle in good condition during your reservation. Don’t smoke, take your personal belongings with you, and recycle or dispose of any rubbish.

Pets can only travel in a Zipcar if they are kept in a locked carrier (no matter how cute they are). Service and assistance animals used by disabled members or passengers are an exception. These animals are allowed in the vehicle without a pet carrier. Do be aware of others with pet allergies and ensure you clean up any stray pet hair at the end of your reservation.

3. Refuelling

For our Roundtrip vehicles, it’s essential you return it with at least ¼ tank of fuel, ready for the next member. Remember that topping up is free! If you are running low during your reservation, use the fuel card in the vehicle at almost all UK petrol stations.

Click here to watch a video on finding the fuel card.

Please note that you are not required to refuel if you are driving a Flex vehicle. We also take care of charging our e-Golfs – just be careful you don’t run out of charge mid-trip!

4. Return and Park

The key to car-sharing success is returning on time. Late members can end up impacting others who have the reservation right after. To avoid returning late, always make sure to book the Zipcar for the time you need and extend it via the app if you know you won't be back on time. Zipcar does take late returns seriously and we will charge a £35 late fee if you return late.

Click here for further information on extending.

If you’re in a Flex reservation, you don’t need to worry about this rule. Make sure you check for approved parking in the app when you’re ending your trip to avoid parking fines.

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