Zipcar's In-app Cleanliness Reporting

Zipcars are regularly inspected and cleaned, but we rely on our car sharing community to keep vehicles clean for others, and to let us know when cars need to be tidied up. Here are some cleaning expectations we have:

  • Return the car as clean as (or cleaner than) you found it (inside and out)
  • Let us know if a car is not as clean as you'd expect at the beginning of your trip (report through the Zipcar iPhone® or Android™ mobile app)
  • No smoking, ever!
  • Pets must be kept in locked carriers

Being part of our car-sharing community means looking out for each other, and we are constantly trying to find ways to make this easier for you. Our new in-app feature means drivers can feedback on the cleanliness of their car at the start of their trip.



How it works

At the start of your trip, you'll see a check in section reminding you of our Community Rules we ask all members to follow. You will then be asked to report on the cleanliness of the car on a simple scale - remember to report any damage or other issues with the vehicle by following the instructions in the log book (in the glove box). 

What cleanliness can I expect?

Clean - The best a car sharing club vehicle can be! Imagine this is your family’s car, and how clean you’d expect that to be. There may be signs that the car has been used previously, as would come with the day-to-day wear and tear of a shared use vehicle (such as some dirt on the driver side mat).

Moderately clean - You’ve been using your car for a few days after its last clean, and let’s face it the weather hasn’t been on your side. Maybe you have a footprint on the floor mat, or accidentally left a receipt in your door storage, but overall the car is clean enough to have a good trip in!

Ok - You are still able to have a good journey in the car, but it could do with a quick clean up or service soon. Maybe there are quite a few footprints and dirt on the floor mat, some rubbish left on the backseat or dust on the dashboard.

Moderately Dirty - There are several issues with the car's cleanliness, such as rubbish being left and a few areas of the car not being clean such as the back seats. If this were your car, you would take it to have it cleaned soon.

Dirty - You would definitely want this car to be cleaned for the next member, as it has been left in an unacceptable condition, with all areas of the car being very dirty and large items of rubbish being left behind.

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