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Current Insurance Policy

Every member who follows the rules is covered by our insurance whilst driving a Zipcar. Please see the highlights below:

  • Comprehensive collision coverage
  • Third party property damage coverage up to £20,000,000 when driving cars and up to £10,000,000 when driving vans
  • Unlimited coverage for third party bodily injury
  • Members are responsible for a £750 damage fee (£1,000 for higher risk members) per incident, which can be reduced or eliminated with an optional damage fee waiver

For full details on our insurance policy, please refer to our Member Contract.

Please note, only members can drive Zipcars. If you’ve got a fellow member along for the ride, it’s fine to share driving time. Non-members are not covered by our insurance. If you allow a non-member to drive during your reservation (including valets), you will be responsible for repairs if any damage occurs when they’re driving. You will also lose your membership with us, which is not good news.

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