What Happens If There is an Insurance Claim?

There are two kinds of insurance claims that you should know about with Zipcar.

1. Subrogation: If a subrogation claim is initiated, this means that based on your incident report, we believe there is a chance that you are not responsible for the accident and we are therefore pursuing another party for payment for the Zipcar damages and loss of use. If at any time you want more information regarding the claim or if you recall additional important details regarding your accident, please contact us at ukfleetservices@zipcar.co.uk or reply to any of our emails regarding the incident.

Understand that if the insurance company finds you to be responsible in any way for the incident, the claim is denied, or there is no insurance coverage by the other party, the damage fee may apply. However, remember that you have great coverage with Zipcar, so we'll cover the cost of the damages beyond the damage fee. However, rest assured that we will notify you in advance if the case seems to be veering out of your favour. Usually these cases are resolved within a month or two and you will be contacted regarding the results of the case.

2. Liability: A liability claim indicates that you, the driver of the Zipcar, are at least partially responsible for the accident. If our insurers pay the other party for their property damage or medical bills, you will be responsible for the damage fee based on the total cost of the accident.

For more details on your liability coverage with Zipcar, please check here.

If you are responsible for an accident but you believe there was little to no damage to the other party's vehicle, please contact us immediately. We will need pictures of the other party's vehicle, a police report, and/or a witness' statement to verify the damage. Remember, you are our eyes at the scene of an accident and we depend on you for evidence.

These claims can take six months or longer to close, but we will let you know if anything is paid out to the other party. Our insurer will use the Incident Report that you submit to us as your final and complete statement of the incident; they will only contact you if they see a discrepancy or have questions regarding your statement. However, you are more than welcome to follow along with the claim and speak to your adjuster directly. Please email ukfleetservices@zipcar.co.uk for the contact information for your claim.

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