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Damage Fee Waivers

As with most walks of life, it is a clever idea to cover your bases. If you're age 23+, and have had no Zipcar accidents in the past 12 months, you are eligible to purchase a waiver. Zipcar has a range of Damage Fee Waivers available to members that can cover you on a monthly or an annual basis.  A waiver allows you to reduce or eliminate the damage fee. Purchasing a waiver won't change your insurance coverage—it just changes the maximum amount you'll be charged if you're involved in an incident with your Zipcar. All our damage excess waivers cover your Roundtrip and Zipcar Flex trips.

You can choose to reduce your excess to £250 or even remove it completely. For more information on the cost of our waivers, please log in to your Zipcar account online and go to My Stuff > My Account and select “Add or opt out of a Waiver”. From here you can see which type and level of waiver you can get as well as manage the waiver that is on your account.

A damage fee waiver becomes effective on the purchase date and time. Waivers are non-refundable.

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