Accident Investigation

1. Your first responsibility is to fill out an Incident Report form. Please fill out the form as soon as possible. You may also send other supporting documentation (pictures, police reports, etc) to us via whatever method is the easiest (and fastest) for you:
Fax: 0207 681 3233

Zipcar UK
Attention: Accident Reports
Avis Budget House
Park Road
RG12 2EW

2. Sometimes it will take longer than a week to get the Police Report from the station, please send in your version of the accident on our Incident Report Form so we have your statement as early in the process as possible. Then, once the Police Report is available, please forward that to us. Sometimes the police will not make out a report because the accident doesn't meet their criteria. If that's the case, please let us know.

3. If you believe anything was unusual or you have some concerns (for example, maybe there was pre-existing damage), let us know immediately.

4. The local Zipcar office will inspect the vehicle for damages and bring the vehicle to a repair shop to get pictures and an estimate.

5. If an insurance claim is necessary, one will be filed with the appropriate company. If you receive any communications from the other party or their insurer, please notify us as quickly as possible with their information (including company name, adjuster name, claim number, and phone number).

6. You will be notified via email when all the steps of the investigation are complete and, based on the estimate of damage we receive from our repair shop, and whether or not a damage fee applies.

Our policy in the case of an accident or vandalism is to suspend your membership until we have been provided with all of the information. When all the documentation and necessary steps outlined above have been completed, the suspension will be lifted. This process should take less than two weeks. Please email if you have any questions regarding the status of the investigation.

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