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What is the higher risk category?

In order to provide the comprehensive insurance cover that we do, members are placed in different risk categories based upon their driving experience and record. The higher risk category applies if one or more of these is true:

you're aged 19-24
you have four or more points on your licence
you've had an accident in the last three years

Higher risk members have a damage excess of £1,000, and the price for an optional damage fee waiver is higher (£5 extra). 

All members meeting the higher risk criteria start in the higher+ category for their first 15 trips. Drivers in the higher+ group pay a driving surcharge of £1.50/hr or £18/day. These members are also restricted from reserving certain premium models. After completing 15 damage-free reservations, the member is no longer in the higher+ category and the surcharge no longer applies.

If you're aged 19-24, we'll automatically take you out of the higher risk category when you turn 25, as long as you don't meet any of the other criteria. 

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