Why won't the website accept my payment details?

Here's what to do if you've put your details in but the page isn't continuing or failing. 

  • Please ensure your billing card is in your name, is a full debit or credit card and the information you're entering matches what is shown on your bank statement. 
  • We cannot accept any 'pre-paid' or fund managed accounts. 
  • Make sure you are logged into www.zipcar.co.uk on a full desktop browser (ideally Google Chrome).
  • Ensure you've cleared your browsing history and auto-fill data just in case the browser is remembering older billing information.  Also make sure you delete all the existing details from the page and start fresh. 
  • If everything is looking okay but the details are still not accepted, it is worth contacting your bank to double check their not blocking our payments which can occasionally happen. 

If you've followed these steps and you're still getting stuck, simply take a screenshot of the page and send it in an attachment below along with a brief description of the issue and steps you've taken. 

Unfortunately our Member Services team can't take billing details over the phone, so please refrain from calling them if you are encountering payment detail problems. 

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