On the member website, click on billing in the top navigation bar to access the Billing page.

Here are a few tips when viewing the billing page:

  • Line items are grouped by trip or recurring charge (e.g. membership, damage waivers etc)
    • Clicking on a line item will allow you to view a detailed breakdown of all the transactions associated with that item
    • If additional charges are applied to a trip (such as overage miles or violations), the trip associated with that cost will have an ‘updated’ tag next to it.
  • Items are listed by most recent activity first, going back 12 months
  • Your total credit balance is shown in the driving credit box at the top right of the page. If you have any credits you can click the view more details link to see a breakdown of all the active credits on your account.
    • Please note: so long as you have credits, they are automatically applied to your trips. To see how much driving credit was applied to a recent trip, expand the trip item to view the transaction details. Any credits that were applied will be listed here.
  • If there are multiple drivers on your account, you can toggle between each driver on your account to view their history.

If you want to view your VAT receipt, simply click on ‘VAT invoice’ located at the top right hand of the page. VAT invoices are only available at the end of your monthly billing cycle. This is also printable for your convenience.

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