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A quick guide to our e-Golfs

Check range 

  • Prior to reserving your e-Golf, you will be able to see the charge level in the app, as well as the estimated mileage range left on the charge. 
  • Once in the vehicle, the range will be displayed in the middle of the dashboard indicating how many miles the vehicle can be driven before it runs out of charge.
  • Speed, cold weather, air-conditioning and heating will impact the car’s mileage. Check out the driving modes to find more ways to get the most out of your charge
  • Remember, we take care of charging for you so no need to plug in at the end of your trip.

How to start

  • All the e-Golfs are automatic so just retrieve the key from the glove box, make sure the car is in ‘P’ for park and your foot is on the brake then simply turn the key.
  • You’ll know you’re ready to drive when you see the big green READY button on the dashboard 
  • The e-Golf is super quiet so you will only hear a chime when the vehicle is switched on

Run out of charge

  • Ensure you are monitoring your charge level throughout your trip to ensure you have enough left to finish your planned journey.
  • If your charge is getting low, please head back to the Zipzone if the mileage allows it.
  • If you have completely run out of charge, find the nearest safe location and give us a call!


  • Since e-Golfs are not be able to be driven for longer journeys due to the mileage range and recharging capabilities, there is no daily price cap.
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