Heathrow Terminal 5: Pick Up



Leaving the airport

When landing at T5 and considering using Flex to get back to the Zipzone, here's what to do: 

  1. When you arrive at Heathrow Terminal 5 head down to bus stop 25.
  2. An Avis, Budget and Zipcar branded bus will take you back to the Holiday Inn.
  3. Between 4am and midnight you shouldn't need to wait longer than 5 minutes for a bus, as three buses operate a continuous bump service. Outside these hours a bus will operate on an on-demand basis. Simply call the number displayed at bus stop 25 and the bus will come and collect you.
  4. We recommend booking your Flex now as you're less than 15 minutes from the pick-up location.
  5. Once the bus has arrived at the Holiday Inn Bath Road simply walk to the Zipcar vehicles and check the number plate to see which one you've reserved.
  6. Unlock with the app as usual and set off on your journey home.
  7. Remember, you can only drop off in the Zipzone, so double check before you drive that you will be paring in the right area (this can be easily seen in the app).

An airport fee of £10.00 will be added to your account within three working days if your Flex trip started or ended at Heathrow.

For further information on the Flex service at Heathrow please click here.


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