Heathrow Terminal 5: Drop Off



Heading to the airport 

  1. Open the Zipcar app and reserve your nearest Flex car 
  2. Navigate and drive to the Holiday Inn Bath Road. We have added a pin to Google maps here (top tip, the postcode is: UB7 0DQ). 
  3. When arriving at the Holiday Inn Bath Road, head towards the back of the hotel where you will see an Avis Budget rental office and a shuttle bus 
  4. Drive and stop the car in one of the clearly marked and branded spaces  
  5. END YOUR TRIP in the app by returning the keys to the glove box, exiting the car, tapping the 'Lock’ icon and then 'End Trip'. Do not give the keys to a member of Avis staff - they cannot end your trip for you 
  6. There will be an Avis, Budget & Zipcar branded bus waiting for you to board. The trip takes less than 10 minutes and between 4am and midnight will operate on an on-demand basis, picking up and dropping off as and when required.
  7. The bus will drop you off immediately outside of the arrivals level of Heathrow Terminal 5.  
  8. Then follow the signs to the departures on level 5 just a few minute's walk away 

An airport fee of £10.00 will be added to your account within three working days if your Flex trip started or ended at Heathrow.

For further information on the Flex service at Heathrow please click here.



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