Flex Parking: Lewisham

When ending your Flex trip, the car needs to be parked in accordance to the below guidelines and within the Zipzone (the blue shaded area on the map shown in the app's reservation screen). 


Other places you can't park Flex cars

When you end your Flex trip, you cannot park in any of the following bays:

  • Car Club Only bays (these are for Roundtrip cars)
  • Electric Vehicle Bays (including charging bays) 
  • Disabled Bays
  • Suspended Bays 
  • Bays with an upcoming suspension 
  • Loading Bays
  • Restricted Bays (these are marked as having hourly or daily restrictions)
  • Business Permit Holders Bays  
  • Yellow lines, red routes, junction boxed, zig-zag lines, pedestrian crossings and all other nationally restricted areas
  • Housing Estates and Private Roads/Lands and Private Car Parks. 
  • Any location on the Transport for London (TFL) Road Network. That's essentially any major A-roads in and out of London.
  • Parking sections in Part-Time bus lanes
  • Selected streets or areas as defined by the borough council

It's very important you check the type of bay you are parking in at the end of your trip. You will be liable for any fines or impounding charges caused by the improper parking of a Flex car.

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