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e-Golf Estimated Mileage Range and Charge Level

Prior to reserving your e-Golf, you will be able to see the charge level in the app, as well as the estimated mileage range left on the charge. Please ensure that this will be enough for you to reach your destination within the Zipzone.

The range displayed in the middle of the dashboard indicates how many miles the vehicle can be driven before it runs out of charge.

The speed of the vehicle will be limited to 60mph when the charge level is at 20% and limited to 40mph at 10%.

It is the members responsibility to end the trip safely within the Zipzone. The car will need to be returned to the Zipzone before the charge runs out so please monitor the estimated mileage range and charge throughout the duration of your trip. This is entirely your responsibility.

Estimated mileage range

1% of charge equates to approximately 1 mile, however depending on how the vehicle is being driven this may increase. Please see below for more on the different driving modes.

Driving modes

The e-Golf has 3 driving modes:  

Normal Mode: to be used on days when the air conditioning or heating is a must. Due to the extra power needed you will need to compromise on the mileage range. 

Eco Mode: Ideal to use when you don’t need to be blasting the air conditioning or heating. Reducing the power to these electrical elements will allow you to extend the mileage range. 

Eco Mode Plus +: If you want to get the most out of the charge, then this is the mode to be in as it focuses entirely on the driving itself. By switching off all electrical components, the range will be maximised.

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