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e-Golf Running Low on Charge

Throughout the duration of your trip, please ensure that you’re monitoring the charge and estimated mileage range in the middle of the dashboard. It is important to consider the length of your trip and if there is enough charge to get you to the desired destination in the Zipzone.

What happens if I am running low on charge or run out?

If you’re within the Zipzone and in an approved parking bay but the charge is low or has run out, you do not need to do anything other than end the trip as usual.

If you’re almost out of charge (20% or less) and outside of the Zipzone, the vehicle needs to be returned to an approved parking bay within the Zipzone if the mileage allows you to do so.

If you’re outside of the Zipzone and you do not think that the mileage will allow you to return, please find the nearest safe location and give our Member Services team a call who will happily assist.

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