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Starting your Reservation

We're going back to basics in this Ziptip by showing you how to get your Zipcar open and where to find the keys. 


Where are the keys?

The key will be in the glovebox for all vehicles. 

Unlock Roundtrip

To unlock a Roundtrip vehicle, you can use either your app or Zipcard.

  • To unlock using the app, head to the ‘drive’ tab and select your active reservation. Simply tap the unlock icon on the vehicle you’ve reserved (this can take up to 30 seconds)
  • Alternatively, you can unlock using your Zipcard on certain vehicles. Place the Zipcard on the card reader in the windscreen until you hear the doors unlock. Please note this is not available on every vehicle. 
  • If there is a signal issue between the vehicle and the app, you will need to use the Zipcard for access (this can sometimes be the case in underground car parks or areas with poor signal)

If there’s no reservation immediately before yours, you can take the car up to 10 minutes early at no additional charge. If you enter the vehicle prior to this, you will be charged for the extra usage.

If your Zipcar is not in its designated bay at the beginning of your reservation, please click here.

Unlock Flex

Flex vehicles can only be reserved and accessed through the mobile app. Once you have arrived at the car, simply head to the drive tab and tap the unlock icon  (this can take up to 30 seconds). We would recommend having your Bluetooth on for this.

Before you set off

You must complete a pre-reservation walkaround to check the condition of the vehicle as well as look for any damage. This is one of Zipcar’s Community Rules. You must call to report any unlogged damage at the beginning of your reservation to avoid the risk of liability.


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