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My Upcoming Reservation

You’re ready to drive! There are few things to check before your upcoming reservation. You should be able to see your upcoming reservation on both the website and your app.

To view online, simply log into and head to ‘my stuff’>’my reservations’.  This displays a list view of your forthcoming trips as well as reservations from the past 90 days.  If you select ‘view details’ on the upcoming trip, you will be taken to your reservation page. Here you will see an overview of the vehicle details; vehicle type and name, registration plate, capacity, transmission and colour. Most importantly, there are detailed instructions for the location of the Car Club Bay you will be collecting the vehicle from. We’ve even included photos and a map!  

You can also view your upcoming reservations on the app. If you haven’t already downloaded the ‘Zipcar’ app, be sure to head to your relevant app store to download this. Once logged in, select the ‘my trips’ tab. This will display any upcoming reservations as well as completed trips.

 We also send a reservation confirmation email. This can be referred to as a guide for your upcoming reservation.

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