Parking my Zipcar


Roundtrip vehicles need to be returned to their designated Car Club Bay at the end of your reservation. Information detailing the location of the bay can be found in your reservation confirmation email. If there are any changes to the bay, these will be detailed in the email.

If you’re unable to park in the designated Car Club Bay at the end of your reservation, please click here. Luckily, we’ve got back up plans for all our locations.

You will not be able to park your own personal vehicle in the Car Club Bay during your reservation.


Flex vehicles do not need to be returned to a designated Car Club Bay (these are for Roundtrip vehicles only!). They do, however, need to be parked in an approved parking bay within the Zipzone.

Parking during a reservation

During your reservation, you can park the vehicle as if it were your own. Ensure that wherever you are, you are parked legally and take the keys with you to lock and unlock.

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