What's Included with my Booking


Every member who follows the rules is covered by our insurance whilst driving a Zipcar:

  • Comprehensive collision coverage
  • Third-party property damage coverage up to £20,000,000 when driving cars and up to £10,000,000 when driving vans
  • Unlimited coverage for third-party bodily injury
  • Members are responsible for a £1,000 damage fee (£1,500 for higher-risk members) per incident, which can be reduced or eliminated with an optional damage fee waiver

If a member would like some additional cover, they can purchase Damage protection more information on this can be found here. 


There is no mileage limit on reservations in our vehicles (both Roundtrip and Flex).

Reservations include 60 free miles per day, with a day representing each 24-hour period of the booking. If you drive over 60 miles, mileage charges will apply at £0.29 per extra mile.

We do have Pay-Per-Mile Roundtrip vehicles available. These do not include free mileage as we recommend them for shorter trips, more information about this type of vehicle can he found here.


Fuel is on us! You’ll find the fuel card on the driver’s side of the vehicle. Simply open the driver’s door and follow the hinge of the door to the dashboard where you’ll find a plastic holder with the grey fuel card. For further information on refueling please click here.  

Dartford Crossing

The Dartford Crossing Charge is included in your reservation cost. If you think you have paid for the Dartford Charge in error, you can contact them via the following link: https://www.gov.uk/pay-dartford-crossing-charge

Congestion Charge

The London Congestion Charge is included in your reservation cost, so there’s no need for additional payment to cover this. The registration plate will be recognised as a Zipcar vehicle, so no charge will be incurred.

Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ)

To help improve air quality in London an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) went live on 8th April 2019. All vehicles in the Zipcar fleet are ULEZ compliant. We also cover the congestion charge, fuel, and insurance as standard. If you are a small business owner we also offer a scrappage scheme for your existing vehicle. To find out more visit our website page here

Other Charges 

All other charges that may affect your journey are the responsibility of the member.  These include, but are not limited to charges such as the Zero Emission Zone in Oxford. More information can be found here. Please remember that our vans are not permitted in the Rotherhithe Tunnel, for our vehicle dimensions please see our help page here


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