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Costs Included in my Reservation


There is no mileage limit on reservations in our vehicles.

Reservations include 60 free miles per day, with a day representing each 24-hour period of the booking. If you drive over the 60 miles, mileage charges will apply; £0.25 per extra mile for cars and £0.29 per extra mile in vans.   


Fuel is on us! You’ll find the fuel card on the driver’s side of the vehicle. Simply open the driver’s door and follow the hinge of the door to the dashboard where you’ll find a plastic holder with the grey fuel card. We ask members to ensure that they return their vehicle with a minimum of ¼ tank of fuel. If the fuel card is missing please click here

Dartford Crossing and Congestion Charges

Both the Dartford Charge and the London Congestion Charge are included in your reservation cost, so there’s no need for additional payment to cover these. The registration plate will be recognised as a Zipcar vehicle, so no charge will be incurred. If you think you have paid for the Dartford Charge in error, you can contact them via the following link:

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