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Reserving a Vehicle

Roundtrip is our classic service providing a wide range of vehicles which are available by the hour, day or week. Roundtrip vehicles can be booked for a minimum of one hour. If you require an extension, a minimum of 30 minutes can be added.

There are two easy ways for you to reserve. To make a reservation using your mobile device, simply download the free ‘Zipcar’ app from your relevant app store and look out for the green pins on the map.

You can also reserve online. Simply log in to your account at and head to ‘reserve’ at the top of the page.

You can search by location, specific vehicle models and time-frame. You can also select ‘my time is flexible’ to view the full list of vehicles that are available in your area.

Please be advised that if you make a reservation over the phone with a member of our team you may be charged a £1.50 assistance fee.

Payment for reservations (excluding Flex) are usually charged when you book. Visit your account page to view your billing cycle. If any additional charges are incurred during your trip these will be added at the end of the reservation.

If you’re interested in reserving a vehicle for more than 7 days, please send an email to Reserving a vehicle for more than 7 days is not part of the normal service Zipcar offer and we hold the right to decline such requests. Factors include availability, location and membership history.

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