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Flex at Heathrow T5

Zipcar Flex is currently available to be used for one-way trips, to and from Heathrow Terminal 5.

The Flex service is being operated from the Short Stay Car Park directly opposite the Terminal 5 building. It is extremely convenient for both departures and arrivals.

Heading to the airport

  1. Open the Zipcar app and reserve your nearest Flex car (up to 15 mins ahead of time).
  2. Navigate and drive to the Short Stay Car Park @ Heathrow TERMINAL 5 (tip: the postcode is TW6 2GA).
  3. When approaching Terminal 5, follow the signs for "Avis Budget Returns (T5)".
  4. At the car park, follow the signs for Avis Budget Returns which will take you to Level 4.
  5. Don't worry about getting a ticket upon entry, press the button at the first barrier then proceed to the next barrier, which will open automatically.
  6. Drive and stop the car in one of the clearly marked and branded spaces in the Returns Line next to the Avis Budget office.
  7. END YOUR TRIP in the app by returning the keys to the glove box, exiting the car, tapping 'Lock Car' and then 'End Trip'. Do not give the keys to a member of Avis staff - they cannot end your trip for you.
  8. Then follow the signs to the departures on level 5 just a few minutes walk away.

Leaving the airport

When landing at T5 and considering using Flex to get back to the Zipzone, here's what to do:

  1. When you're within 15 minutes of exiting the terminal (such as waiting for your bags), open the Zipcar app and reserve an available Flex car. They'll appear in the app within the Short Stay Car Park directly opposite the Terminal 5 building.
  2. Follow the signs within the terminal to the Avis Budget area on Level 4 of the car park.
  3. Upon arriving at Level 4, you'll see a number of spaces clearly marked with green Zipcar flags in the back right hand corner- check the number plate to see which one you've reserved.
  4. Unlock with the app as usual and set off on your journey home.
  5. The exit barriers will open without a ticket as the number plate is automatically recognised.
  6. Remember, you can only drop off in the Zipzone, so double check before you drive that you will be parking in the right area (this can be seen easily in the app).

Please note, an airport fee of £5 will be added to your account within three working days if your Flex trip started or ended at Heathrow Terminal 5.

You can learn more about how the service works, see maps of the airport and what the typical savings are compared to taxis here by clicking on the link below:

*This is a pilot programme and we are working closely with Heathrow Airport to refine the service. As a result, the specifics of how it is operated may change over time.

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