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Heathrow - Terminal 5


Zipcar Flex

Zipcar Flex is now available to be used for one-way trips, to and from our Heathrow Terminal 5 campus located at Holiday Inn, Bath Road, UB7 0DQ .

For information on how to pick up or drop off a Flex vehicle at this location, please select the relevant link below:

Pick up

Drop off


Will the bus drop off at other terminals?

  • No. We have long standing operations at Terminal 5 and want to continue to support operations there.

How often are the buses?

  • Shuttle buses will run every 6-8 minutes, transporting customers to the Holiday Inn and vice versa

How long is the bus journey?

  • Under 10 minutes

How many buses are there?

  • There will be three buses running at all times, ensuring that the wait for customers at the airport terminal is no longer than 3 minutes


An airport fee of £7.50 will be added to your account within three working days if your Flex trip started or ended at Heathrow T5 Campus.


Passenger Drop off

If you are dropping off a passenger please refer to the Heathrow website for Terminal Drop-Off Charge: 


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