What happens if I return late?

It’s important to return on time, as you could impact the next member’s trip. If you’re running late, you’ll be charged for the extra time you used the car, plus an additional late fee:

  • 1-60 minutes late: £35
  • 61-120 minutes late: £70
  • 121+ minutes late: £105

To avoid returning late:

  • Book your trip well in advance while the car still has plenty of availability
  • Take traffic into account and book enough time to complete your trip, refuel if below 1/4 tank, and clean out the car before ending your trip
  • If the car is available, extend your trip from the “drive” screen in the app
  • Turn on push notifications to receive trip status updates


The above does not apply if you're using the Flex service. Flex trips must be ended before 48 hours of usage and returned to an approved parking bay within the Zipzone when you're finished. 

Keep In Mind

  • Please call us at 0333 240 9000 if you are unable to return the car on time 
  • If you receive 3 late fees within a 12-month period, Zipcar will review your account and may suspend or end your membership
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