How do I lock & unlock my Zipcar?

You can lock & unlock your Zipcar using the Zipcar iPhone® or Android™ mobile app or using your physical Zipcard if you have one.

To lock & unlock with the Zipcar app:

  1. Open the "Drive" screen on your Zipcar app
  2. From here, you can locate the car using the map or by tapping the pickup location row for directions. If you're having trouble, try using the "honk" action to find the car
  3. Once you're next to the vehicle, tap unlock. If Bluetooth is not connected, the app will guide you to enable this permission. It's required to access our vehicles via the app
  4. When you're leaving the vehicle, be sure to tap lock from the same screen as before. No need to use the keys (which should always remain in the car!)

For members with a Zipcard:

  1. Place your Zipcard over the Zipcar reader on the windshield (driver's side)
  2. Hold the Zipcard for 10-30 seconds, or until you hear a beep


If you are still unable to lock or unlock your vehicle, please refer to this troubleshooting article 

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