What can I do if my car is dirty, damaged, needs maintenance, or has low fuel at the start of the trip?

Before you begin your trip, please take a moment to inspect your Zipcar inside and out and report any issues. This helps ensure our vehicles receive the necessary care and that you are not held responsible for any pre-existing problems.

If your car is not in the condition you expected, let us know. This might include:

  • Damage, including scratches or dents larger than a credit card
  • Fuel level below ¼ tank
  • Dirty vehicles, including rubbish, smoke, pet hair, and more
  • Missing fuel cards or parking passes
  • Warning lights, flat tires, and other maintenance issues

To make a pre-ride condition report:

  1. Open the Zipcar iPhone® or Android™ app
  2. Go to the Drive screen
  3. Click Report and submit a record of the issue(s)

Keep In Mind

If your car is not in drivable condition or is unacceptable to you, give us a call and we will work to find you a more suitable vehicle

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