Why does my upcoming booking show the vehicle as unassigned?

When a vehicle you had booked for your trip requires unanticipated maintenance that must be addressed immediately, we may have to temporarily remove the vehicle from your bookingThis doesn't necessarily mean that the car you booked won't be available at the time of your trip, but it is a possibility.

Rest assured, our team will make every attempt to get you back into your original vehicle and if not, we will work to get you into a suitable alternative. However, if you open up your trip details, you'll be able to search and move to another vehicle of your choosing yourself.

If a new vehicle is required for your trip, we'll notify you via email as soon as your trip has been updated.

Keep In Mind

If your trip is starting in the next 24 hours and you notice that your vehicle’s details are still missing, please feel free to call us at 0333 240 9000.

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