How to pay for electric vehicle charges

Charging Incentive

If you take one of our electric cars on a journey over 6 hours and end your trip with over 60% charge, we’ll reimburse the cost you paid to charge the car, plus £20 driving credit to be added to your account.

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How Do I Pay?

If you're taking one of our electric vehicles on a longer trip, for example for the day or over night, you may need to charge your vehicle.  You can pay by contactless debit card. Keep the receipt or take a picture of the charging confirmation (we'll need proof!), submit this to us here and we'll refund this right back to you.

How to Make a Payment if Using a Rapid Charger (CCS charger)

Most rapid chargers will have instructions on how to pay on the charging station or on their website. 

It's important to note that the payment process may vary depending on the specific charging station and the payment options available. Make sure to read the instructions carefully and follow the prompts on the charger to avoid any issues with payment or the charging process.

  • Select charging by card on the charging machine.
  • Tap your credit/debit card to the reader on charging point.
  • Select ‘DC CSS’.
  • Once payment is confirmed, the charging session will start automatically. Follow the instructions on the charger to disconnect the cable once the session is complete.

How do I charge an electric car?

Please take a look at our specific vehicle charging guides:

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