Things to Keep in Mind When Using Our Electric Vehicles

Who Charges Our Vehicles?

Our Fleet team regularly charge our electric vechiles over night to ensure that they are ready for you to use. However, if you're taking an electric car on a longer journey we do ask our members to do their part by ensuring the vehicle has enough charge when returning back to the Zipzone to avoid any additional fees.  We have also recently introduced our Charging Incentive too. 

Click here for further details on our charging incentive.

How Can I Pay?

If you need to charge your EV, you can pay by contactless debit card. Make sure you keep the receipt or take a picture of the charging confirmation (we'll need proof!) and we'll refund this right back to you.

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Where Can I Charge?

As our EVs don't have cables, you'll need to head to a rapid charge point (50kW or above). All our cars can use DC CCS charge points and you can find these on Zapmap

What Should I Take into Consideration When Using an Electric Vehicle?

We recommend that you ensure that the electric vehicle you reserve has enough charge at the beginning of your reservation for your trip. If the vehicle runs out of charge mid-trip, you might be responsible for any recovery or roadside assistance fees associated with getting the vehicle back to a fully charged state, and back to the Zipzone. To avoid any inconveniences or additional costs, we recommend planning your trip in advance.

Click here for tips to improve the distance on your trip! 

How Long Does It Take?

With a rapid charger, which is 50kW and above, a full charge can take anywhere from 40 minutes. The higher the kW, the faster the charge! We'd recommend planning your route ahead of time to make sure you aren't stuck without charge.

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