How To Find A Charging Station With Zapmap

Interactive Map of Car Charging Points

If you're not sure where the closest charging point is, Zapmap is an interactive map that shows the location and status of charging stations around the UK.

You can use it to view every charging point and find out live information ahead of as well as during your trip.

Things to remember

Remember that there are many different types of charging points, so you'll need to make sure that you find the one that is compatible with your EV.

Don’t forget! Our EVs don’t come with any charging cables in the car. Don’t worry though as we have some easy steps which will help you eliminate any charging points that require you to have your own cables.

How to use Zapmap

  1. Check the electric range on the dashboard and make sure you have enough range to get to the closest charging point.
  2. Locate the closest charging point with the help of the Zapmap website or download the mobile app.
  3. If you’re using the mobile app version of Zapmap, you can either manually enter your location or use the 'current location' setting. If you’re using the website, you can use the box to search for the postcode.


4. Make sure you locate an Ultra Rapid/Rapid charging point.  These chargers have the charging cables attached to the charging unit, which you will need as we do not have charging cables in the cars. They are also the fastest way to charge an EV.

5. Use the Filters on the map to narrow down the search. It’s most effective to filter via ‘Connector types’.  As you will be looking for a Rapid Charging point, select ‘DC’ and use either ‘CCS Combo’ or ‘CHAdeMO’ for the Nissan Leaf.





6. You may need to zoom in on the map to see the specific locations and more details about each one.


Handy Hints

  • Plan in advance: Don’t forget to plan your route in advance when using one of our EVs. That way you can easily know when and where the vehicle might need charging. You can find the closest available charging points ahead of your trip to avoid running out of charge. 

  • Monitor your charge levels: Just as you would keep an eye on your fuel level, don't forget to keep an eye on your EV charge level.  Don't forget that various factors affect your charge level, including your speed and the weather. For more information please see our page all about getting the most out of your charge here

  • If you're low on charge: If the range allows, please use that range to head back to Zipzone and contact our 24/7 Member Services Team on 0333 240 9000 to let us know. Our Team will be able to help with either locating a charging point for you or figuring out the best possible way to return to the Zipzone.

Help When You Need It

We're here if you need us. We know charging an EV will be new to a lot of our members, so if you're not sure what to do, are having trouble locating a charging point or are you running low on charge and you’re not sure what to do just contact us.  Our Member Services Team is available 24/7 via phone (0333 240 9000) or email.



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