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Flex Rates

Our Flex service is charged at 31p/minute with the hourly cap coming into effect at 42 minutes. We also have a daily cap which starts at 6 hours of usage and can continue for 48 hours. Flex reservations are not permitted to last any longer than 48 hours.


Hourly cap 

(42 mins)

Daily cap

(6 hours)

Polo / Corsa



e-Golf / Corsa-e



Hourly caps

The hourly cap for all Flex trips applies from 42 minutes and will remain at £14 for the remainder of the hour. For example, a Flex trip of 50 minutes will cost £14.

When a reservation exceeds an hour, the trip will be charged as the following: for 1 hour and 5 minutes of usage, the trip will cost £15.55 = £14 for 1 hour + £1.55 for 5 minutes.

A trip lasting for 2.5 hours would cost £37.30: £28 for 2 x £14/hour + £9.30 for 30 minutes.

Daily caps

The daily cap applies after 6 hours of usage in the Polo. If a trip exceeds a 24-hour period, you will be billed as per the example above.

For example, a trip that lasts for 25 hours will be billed at £86: £72 for the daily cap + 1 x £14 hourly cap.

The daily cap does not apply for trips in the e-Golf and Corsa-e as these vehicles are not able to be driven for longer journeys due to the mileage, range and recharging capabilities.

Please note: All Flex vehicles can only be used for trips lasting up to 48 hours. If you require a vehicle for longer than this, we would suggest reserving a Roundtrip vehicle.


All Flex trips include 60 free miles for every 24-hour period. Any additional miles driven are charged at 29p/mile.

Airport fees

Flex is currently available at the Short Stay Car Park at Heathrow Terminal 5. All Flex trips that start or finish at T5 will incur an airport fee of £7.50, which be charged to your account within 3 working days of the end of your trip.

For further information on Flex at T5 please click here.

Extending your hold

Once you reserve a Flex vehicle, it will automatically be held for 15 minutes for free.  If after 15 minutes you do not enter the vehicle, the hold will end and the vehicle will be released.

Need more time? You can extend your hold time for an additional 15, 30 or 60 minutes for a fee:

Extension Fee
15 minutes  £2
30 minutes  £4
60 minutes  £8
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