Updating my Payment Details

We are unable to update any payment details over the phone and will need to be updated by yourself.

All payment information must be in the account holder’s name and you can only have one payment card on a file at a time.

You are not able to update your payment details via your mobile app and this can only be done on a desktop/laptop. 

To update your payment details, you can sign in to your account via our app or our website, www.zipcar.com, then head to ‘my account’ > 'account settings'. On this page, you will have access to all of your personal details. Click on 'payment method’ to update your card details.  


Update for March 2022:

We have updated the security for our payments system in order to comply with new regulation within Europe called PSD2. This means all members must authenticate their payment cards in order to avoid any inconvenience when making a transaction on their account.

Upon updating your card details, you'll be directed to your banking institution's secure authentication process to verify your details. Please note that £1 will be authorised on your payment card at the time however, this is just to verify the validity of the card and it is not a charge.



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