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Promotional Emails

We like to reward our loyal members with sweet driving deals. You can opt in or out of receiving these emails by logging into your Zipcar account at and heading to ‘my stuff’>’my account’>’contact me’. There is an option at the bottom of this page to unsubscribe from emails. 

If you have received a promotional email and are unsure of how they work, not to worry as you are in the right place. 

Within our promotional emails, the terms of the promotion are detailed fully at the bottom of the email. If you haven’t received the driving credit you thought you would get, don’t panic, most of the time this is because we send out the credit after a certain date. Please refer to the email you originally received and check the terms on there.

If you've read the terms and conditions of the promotion but you haven't received the credit you are due, simply fill in the below form and we will investigate for you.

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