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The Zipcard is a universally accepted membership card which grants you access to most (excluding Flex) Zipcars in any country in which we operate. Its something that we always recommend to carry on your person whenever you go to a reservation. It works simply by pressing it against the reader on the bottom right of the vehicle windscreen to either lock or unlock at the start and end of your trip. 

Whilst we aim to get the Zipcard out to you within the first month of your membership, there can occasionally be some delays in getting it through your post box. Here are a few crucial tips which might help speed things up:

  • Double check your online billing address by logging into > My Stuff > My Payment Information > Edit. We can only ever send the Zipcard to the registered billing address, in order to make sure it arrives safely. So its always a good idea to double check we have it down correctly.
  • Make sure we've got the right e-mail address! If we need anymore documents or something goes mishap, we'll make sure to ping over a e-mail to let you know the delay. So make sure we've got the right e-mail address to reach you on. Make sure to check your Spam & Junk Inbox just in case!
  • If its been over a month and the Zipcard still hasn't shown up, feel free to pop an e-mail to confirming your billing address. We can then take a look and see whats causing the delay. Make sure to put 'Zipcard' in the subject line. 

Even in the absence of a Zipcard, you can still get into reservations you have booked, as we also have the iOS / Android 'Zipcar UK' mobile app that can unlock the vehicles, as well as help you manage your booking. Unlocks are always free this way and the Apps are free to download via the relevant app store. Always ensure you have a mobile data connection and the latest operating system of your smart phone. 

If you have lost your Zipcard, please click here to request a new one. 

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