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Each member has a unique number assigned to their account. This number is called a Zipcard, and you can also find this number in the account section on the app, or on our website in the 'my stuff' section. Zipcards are also credit-card sized cards that members can use to access our Roundtrip vehicles if they do not use our app.

Where’s my Zipcard?

Sustainability is at the core of why we were founded, and we’re always looking for new ways to do our bit. As of January 2020 we’ve stopped automatically sending out Zipcards to reduce the plastic that we use. If you’d like a Zipcard, please request one below.

How It Works

All of our vehicles can be accessed by using the unlock and lock functions in our mobile app. 

Members using a Roundtrip vehicle can use the Zipcard to access their reservation by scanning their Zipcard through our RFID device on the windshield.

Note: The Zipcard cannot be used to access Flex reservations so be sure to download the Zipcar app from your relevant app store (available for iOS and Android devices).

Replacement Zipcard

Replacement cards can take up to 7-10 working days to process, occasionally longer in busy periods. Even without your Zipcard, you can still access your reservations with the Zipcar App.

We can issue one replacement Zipcard per year at no charge. If you request more, we will apply a £10 charge to your account.

Please fill out the form below to request a new Zipcard.

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