Joining an existing account

Joining an existing account

To join an existing account you will need to be an approved Zipcar member.

The holder of the account you wish to join will need to log in to their account on a desktop, go to My Account, and Account Settings. Then select the People tab in the Manage your account section, and then Add member. The email address of the account they wish to add can then be entered. 

There is then the option to include damage protection to the account being added. Once all of the details are reviewed and Send invite has been clicked, a dashboard of all the additional drivers on the account will appear. From this dashboard all members details can be reviewed and protection plans managed. 

The invitee will receive and email detailing that they have been added to an account, with the option to accept this request.

When joining an existing account the account holder will be responsible for all billing matters, so you will not need any additional payment information.


Membership Pricing

Basic: An initial application fee of £15. No monthly charge. 

Smart: No Application fee! Add a driver for £3 a month and get £3 driving credit each month. 

Plus: No Application fee! Add a driver for £7.50 a month and get £7.50 driving credit each month. 



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