Reserving a Zipcar in the United States? Here's what you need to know.

You can book a Zipcar in a foreign country just as easily as you can from home. There are a few differences here and there. Here's what you should know if you reserve a Zipcar in the United States:

Key on steering column: The key is tethered to the steering column. Please leave the key inside the car and use your Zipcard or smartphone to lock and unlock the doors throughout your reservation.

Reporting damage: There's no damage log in the car. Report any damage by calling 1‑866‑4ZIPCAR.
180 miles/day included: Your reservation includes 180 miles per day. If you drive more, it's 0.45 USD for each additional mile (up to 0.55 USD for premium vehicles and vans)

Fuel card in sun visor: The fuel card is located in the sun visor. Please be sure to return it to the sun visor after filling up.

Toll roads: Some roads require you to pay a toll, and many of our cars are equipped with toll passes so you don't have to wait in line. There's no fee for using the pass; we'll simply charge your account for the actual toll amount. Toll charges are billed separately from your reservation.

Crossing borders: You cannot drive into Mexico. Our insurance policy does not cover driving in Mexico. You can drive into Canada, no problem.

Customer support: If you need assistance during your reservation, call 1‑866‑4ZIPCAR.
Insurance: Comprehensive insurance is included, but the details vary by country. Learn more about insurance coverage in the US.

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