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Late Returns

If you return your vehicle late, you will be charged late fees starting at £35. Timely returns are very important in the Car Sharing world. If a member returns the vehicle late, then the next member can’t start their reservation on time. We’ll have to find them another car, and sometimes we’ll even have to put them in a taxi to reach the new Car Club Bay.

Please see the below list of tips to avoid late return fees:

  • Sign up for Zipcar text alerts. We’ll send you reminders about your reservation and let you know if you can extend the reservation.
  • When booking, make sure you allow enough time for the ENTIRE trip.
  • Leave your destination on time. Allow some cushion for traffic delays too.

If you realise that you’re not going to return the vehicle on time, you can always extend your reservation on the ‘Zipcar’ app. If you’re unable to do this, give our Member Services a call. If you’re not in a back-to-back reservation, you can extend. If another member is waiting, we will need to make alternative arrangements for them so please extend as soon as you think you’ll be late.

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