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Late Returns


The key to car-sharing success is returning on time. This is one of our Rules of the Road. Members who are late will impact others who have a reservation right after. If you return your vehicle late, you will be charged a late return fee starting at £35 per hour (up to a maximum of 3 hours), plus the additional usage.

Please see the below list of tips to avoid late return fees:

  • Sign up for Zipcar text alerts. We’ll send you reminders about your reservation and let you know if you can extend the reservation
  • When booking, make sure you allow enough time for the ENTIRE trip
  • Leave your destination on time. Allow some cushion for traffic delays too

If you realise that you’re not going to return the vehicle on time, you can extend your reservation on the Zipcar app or via text. If you’re unable to do this, give our Member Services team a call and if there is no reservation right after yours, we’ll be able to extend it for you. If another member is waiting, you will be unable to extend the reservation and the vehicle will need to be returned to its Car Club Bay.


The above does not apply if you're using the Flex service. Flex trips must be ended before 48 hours of usage and returned to an approved parking bay within the Zipzone when you're finished. 

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