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Approved Flex Parking

When ending your Flex trip, the car needs to be within the Zipzone and parked in accordance with the below guidelines. The shaded blue area shown on the map in the app on your reservation screen is the Zipzone. The app will not let you end your trip if you are outside the Zipzone.

You can check in the app which types of parking space are permitted for you to end your Flex trip in and they are also detailed below - please note that they vary from borough to borough.

Parking in the City of Westminster

The rules are a little different in this Central London borough compared to the rest of the Zipzone, so please be extra mindful when ending your trip and refer to the table below.


Across the rest of the Zipzone, the parking rules for where you can end your trip are generally more consistent.  Please check you’re only parking in one of the approved spaces in the table below.


During a reservation, you can also park in these types of spaces. You are responsible for paying any parking fees applicable if you park in any other type of space during your Flex trip. Click here for a list of space where you cannot park when ending your Flex trip. 


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