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What if I get a ticket during my reservation?

We'll cover fuel and insurance, but you are responsible for legal infractions. If we receive a notice and process a violation, you will be charged a £15 processing fee in addition to the original cost of the ticket.
Report it. Call us right away on 0333 240 9000 or email and let us know that you received a ticket. Whether you've paid it, or decided to appeal it, we want a record of what's happening. We want to know the date and time the violation was issued, the licence plate of the vehicle, the type of violation (speeding, parking, etc), the ticket number, how much it is for and which council gave it to you. This way if something goes wrong in the payment process, or you encounter glitches, we'll know you've got it covered and we won't just assume you tossed it in the gutter. Note that certain violations may impact insurance coverage, so it's very important to report any violation to Zipcar.

What if I don't pay it? If you do not pay a ticket, we will be notified and charge you a £15 processing fee. Additionally, you are responsible for the cost of the ticket. If we can, we will redirect the violation to you. If we can't redirect it, we will pay the fine, along with any late fees and bill the total to your account. Other fines or membership suspension can also result, so please pay the ticket when you get it.
Can I dispute it? If you wish to contest a violation and the issuing municipality allows it, be sure to do so promptly! If we receive a notice in the mail, and you have yet to dispute the ticket with the issuing municipality, we will automatically bill your account for the amount of the violation, plus the processing fee.

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