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What is Zipcar Flex?

Zipcar Flex is our one-way, drive and drop service ideal for short and spontaneous trips around the city. It's there for when you really need a car.

It allows you to pick up and drop off (almost anywhere) within the Zipzone. The Zipzone is a specially designated area covering a number of London boroughs. You can see where Flex is available here.

Unlike our traditional Roundtrip service, where each Zipcar and Zipvan have their own designated parking space, Flex is available across the Zipzone - you simply use the app to search, reserve and unlock. Drive anywhere you need to and when you're done, make sure you end your trip within the Zipzone in an approved parking space. Flex cars are the blue pins in the app. 

If you're using the Flex service, you'll be driving either a Volkswagen Polo or a Volkswagen e-Golf. Please click here to check out the new e-Golf.

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