I forgot an item in a Zipcar, what should I do?


If you've left something in your Zipcar, you can rebook the car through the website or app or by giving us a call on 0333 240 9000. 

Upon rebooking, you'll have the opportunity to return to the Zipcar and check if your belongings are still there. It's important to be aware that rebooking may involve booking costs.

If you find an item in any Zipcar, please place it in the glove compartment or boot. Hopefully the member will return for their missing item.  


If you've left something in a Flex car after your trip has ended, you will need to book another trip within the app to re-enter the car and retrieve your belongings. 

Keep in Mind

  • We are unable to cancel other trips for the Zipcar or put you in touch with a member currently in the Zipcar.
  • We are unable to put you in touch directly with the member who used the car following your trip
  • We are unable to contact the last member in the vehicle
  • Zipcar is not responsible for forgotten or stolen items
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