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Flex or Roundtrip?

Roundtrip is our classic Zipcar service, providing a wide range of vehicles that are available by the hour, day or week and from dedicated parking spaces. That means you pick them up and drop them back to the same space.

We have small cars, medium sized cars and even some people carriers to suit all sorts of trips and use cases. We also have lots of vans that are perfect when you need to move home or load up at IKEA. Members usually choose Roundtrip for pre-planned occasions, such as trips out of the city, visiting family, holidays or just fun trips taking things to the local tip.

Zipcar Flex is our one-way, drive and drop service that is more suited for short and spontaneous trips in and around the city. It's there for when you really need a car and you can find them in the app by looking out for the blue pins. Pay-as-you-go Flex rates are simple and available by the minute, by the hour and by the day. Click here to learn more about them.

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