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Reserving with Flex

Zipcar Flex is only available in the Zipcar app. 

If you do not have our app installed, click here to download it for free today. 

To reserve a Flex car, open the app and find your nearest blue pin or the car you want to drive. Tap the pin and press book now. This will activate a 15 minute hold, reserving the car just for you. When you arrive to pick it up, unlock it with app (your Zipcard will not work) and retrieve the keys from the glovebox. Give it a quick check over for damage and follow the instructions in the Co-Pilot (also in the glovebox) if you need to report anything new. Then get driving.

You can take Flex cars anywhere a regular Roundtrip Zipcar can go, but remember, it must be returned to an approved space in the Zipzone.

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