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We ask all of our members to ensure that they return their Zipcar with a minimum of ¼ tank of fuel. This is one of our ‘Six Simple Rules’ and contributes to an enjoyable member experience. We want to make sure every member’s trip gets off to the right start. It doesn’t matter how long or short your trip is, if the vehicle is running on less than ¼ tank then it will need re-fuelling.

When filling up, you can find details on which type of fuel to use behind the fuel cap. Please always double check the fuel details to ensure the correct fuel type is used – mistakes can be expensive!

Who pays for fuel you ask? Fuel is on us! You’ll find the fuel card on the driver’s side of the vehicle. Simply open the driver’s door, and follow the hinge of the door to the dashboard where you’ll find a plastic holder with the grey fuel card.  

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